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Lim Chang Jung : Latest News, Photos and Videos

It has been reported that the girl group ``mimiirose'' produced by actor Lim Chang Jeong has terminated its contract with YES IM Entertainment.

South Korea 7-Eleven announced that it will end sales of "a cup of shochu", which is also said to be the shochu of singer Lim Chang Joon, who is suspected of complicit in stock price manipulation. . .

Lim Chang Joon is suspected of complicity in stock price manipulation. Is the damage spreading to the entertainment world? A colleague singer testified, "I felt like I was scammed" and "I invested by believing in Mr. Chang Joon." . .

Lim Chang Joon is reported to have invested 3 billion won in a force which manipulates stock prices. .

●He sold a portion of his stake in hiq entertainment production company for 5 billion won, and invested 3 billion won out of it in the force that manipulates stock prices.

The investment soared from 3 billion to 5.8 billion in the first month ↓

One day it suddenly plummeted.

Lim Chang Joon held a showcase for his 3rd mini album "Fool". . .